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Detect full screen plugin

Postby cranq » January 23rd, 2014, 3:42 pm

This plugin will detect applications in full screen state (not maximized).

There are three functions available:

Function 1 - check if foreground window (window on which the user is currently working) is full screened.
Usage: $dll(FullScr,1,0,0)
Return: 0 - window is not in full screen state, 1 - window is in full screen state

Function 2 - check for specified process in parameter#1.
Usage: $dll(FullScr,2,chrome.exe,0)
Return: 0 - process doesn't exists, 1 - process exists and is in full screen state, 2 - process exists but not in full screen state

Function 3 - return process name of foreground window (but only if that window is full screened).
Usage: $dll(FullScr,3,0,0)

After first call from LCD Smartie, plugin will create an ini file (inside plugins dir), where you can change two options (refresh and exclude list).

Refresh - this will set plugin refresh time (but only if you use this plugin directly from screens settings and not from Actions).
Exclude list - put here some programs you want to exclude from detecting as full screened (It works only for function 1 and function 3, enable it by setting parameter#1 to 1 - e.g. $dll(FullScr,1,1,0)).

Although this plugin can be used from screens settings, it was mainly created for Actions. Here is how to use it. Let's say we have two themes. First one contains screens for normal usage, like clock, date and so on. Second theme is for gaming, with cpu/gpu temps/clocks etc. So, set these rules: "if $dll(FullScr,1,0,0) = 1 then GotoTheme(2)" and "if $dll(FullScr,1,0,0) = 0 then GotoTheme(1)". Change parameter#1 from 0 to 1, if you want to use exclude list (useful for skipping web browser or movie player, etc).

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Re: Detect full screen plugin

Postby hydrolisk1792 » October 2nd, 2015, 7:43 am

Good job mate, will defiantly check it out. I think this will be useful for trouble shooting a computer that has that annoying full screen problem. Cheers. :D
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Re: Detect full screen plugin

Postby Guest » October 21st, 2017, 8:53 pm

I have downloaded the plugin but got problems:

If i use the code to detect if fullscreen is 1 or 0 it works.
If i use the code to detect the active fullscreen exe, it works (for example chrome.exe)

but what i dont get to work is the actions tab...
i tried everything, but if i use the global 0/1 it doesn't work.
even if i use a specific .exe it dosn't work.
It seems that the action tab got completely ignored.

please help

Re: Detect full screen plugin

Postby skite2001 » October 22nd, 2017, 7:55 pm

removed the "if" at the actions-tab and it works perfect.
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Re: Detect full screen plugin

Postby cranq » October 23rd, 2017, 4:26 am

Glad you made it :). I updated the plugin description, so it should be more clear now.

PS. Now as I think of it, maybe it would be better to use some plugin with process detection (including start from specified path), for your task, because some games can run also in normal window.
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