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Google Weather plugin

Postby nunopicado » August 24th, 2011, 1:18 pm


I needed a weather plugin. Yahoo's doesn't show correctly on my location, BBC's not working, and couldn't find any for the Google Weather API, so... I made one!

What it does:
It supports any location and language supported by google weather, and can return current condition and forecasts up to 3 days in the future. Can show temperature of current conditions in either Celcius or Farenheit.

What is does not:
It doesn't allow the user to select Celcius or Farenheit for the Min and Max temperature forecasts. This is linked to the language used (Ex.: If you choose language EN, it returns temp in Farenheit. If you choose PT, it return in Celcius).

What is doesn't do yet:
Currently it refreshes it's information with google weather api every 15 minutes. This setting will be configurable as soon as I have the time for it, or if someone asks for it.

Just copy the file gweather.dll to the plugin folder in your LCD Smartie directory.


Can be any accepted by google, either a postal code (for US locations) or a city (for everybody).
If the name of the city has spaces between them, they should be replaced by the + character

Again, any accepted by google, in the ISO 639-1 format (see yours in the following table:

There are two types of fields: The ones that accept a day offset (to specify the day of the desired forecast), and the ones that don't. All of them are case insensitive:

Day Offset not required:
PostalCode -> return the same location indicated by you (not very usefull, I now)
City -> returns the full city name, as understood by google
Date -> returns the date the forecast was made
DateTime -> returns current date and time
CurrentCondition -> returns current condition text
Ftemp -> returns current temperature in farenheit
Ctemp -> returns current temperature in celcius
Humidity -> returns current humidity percentage
Icon -> returns a link for the current condition icon (gif)
Wind -> returns current wind conditions

Day Offset required:
WeekDay - returns the day of the week initials (3 characters) of the day of choice
LowTemp - returns the lowest temperature expected for the day of choice
HighTemp - returns the highest temperature expected for the day of choice
FIcon - returns a link for the forecast conditions icon for the day of choice (gif)
Condition - returns condition text for the day of choice

Day Offset:
This specifies the day of the forecast conditions we want:
+0 - The forecast conditions of the present day (default: used if no day offset is specified on the fields that need it)
+1 - The forecast conditions of tomorrow
+2 - The forecast conditions of two days from now
+3 - The forecast conditions of three days from now


$dll(gweather,1,Lisbon#Pt,CurrentCondition) --> Returns current condition in Lisbon, in portuguese
$dll(gweather,1,New+York#En,CurrentCondition) --> Returns current condition in New York, in english
$dll(gweather,1,Paris#It,Condition+1) --> Returns forecast condition for tomorrow in Paris, in italian

Hope you find this usefull...
Nuno Picado
Google Weather Plugin v1
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Re: Google Weather plugin

Postby Guest » October 14th, 2012, 12:44 pm

I can't get the "Weekday+1"/"Weekday+2"/"Weekday+3" to work, the only thing i get on my display is a "P" - the "weekday+0" works great.

This is my code/string: $dll(gweather,1,Sindal#da,weekday+1) $dll(gweather,1,Sindal#da,Ctemp+1)


Re: Google Weather plugin

Postby aiza » September 2nd, 2013, 6:38 am

Thanks for the testing, i've just updated the plug-in to add a function to display the time remaining the file attached to the first post is the latest version.
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Re: Google Weather plugin

Postby James Kuo » January 19th, 2017, 7:23 am

Hi! I newly discovered LCD Smartie. And I am using version 5.4
I tried this plugin but it didn't work at all.
Maybe it's overdue. Can I have a update version for this plugin?

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James Kuo

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